curiosus002 (curiosus002) wrote,

Adam & Eve

Lord Chesterfield has treated this sort of family vanity very whimsically. A vertuoso of his acquaintance this winter at art auction bought a very old picture of a man and woman and two boys, and with great joy observed the Stanhope arms at one corner of it. This he presented to my lord, imagining he would be greatly pleased and delighted to have such a proof of the antiquity of his family; and to prevent all disputes of precedency for the future, my lord has inscribed under the figures Adam Stanhope of Eden garden Egypt, and Eve Stanhope his wife, with their two sons Cain Stanhope and Abel Stanhope; his genealogy would have been indisputable, if he had put Seth Stanhope instead of Cain but the humour was really a good one...


Tags: история, книги, люди, цитата

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